Redhead Singer Wins Over Audience With Entrancing Performance Of Queen Classic

This 29-year-old girl exudes powerful stage presence with her wonderfully refreshing rendition of the iconic Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On.’ As one X-Factor Ukraine’s most powerful performers ever discovered, Julia Ivanova has delivered one of the best versions of this favored track ever heard.

With a superstar performance that had the audience captivated in every moment, Julia sang her heart out. One can see from her composure that music is a gift that opens her flow of expression, wowing all watching and rewarding with vocal strength that ideally suits this iconic song.

Julia’s voice has been compared to a mix of Freddie Mercury’s range and Cher’s rich vibrato. Add the attitude of this spitfire to the show, and you’ve got a performance that can’t be ignored. From her bright red hair to those high notes that she just keeps getting right, this is an audition that’s left a lasting impact.

She arrived looking the part, dressed as only a vibrant personality would, backing her look with vocals that exceeded all expectations. This singer is also a director and editor, an indication of what a well-rounded multi-talented personality lies behind the bold exterior that takes to the stage.

What started off with snickers from the judges ended with respect from the whole panel, and a room calling for more. With a sensational performance, Julia Ivanova completely captured the essence of the classic Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On.’ Her rendition is said to be the only cover than can compare the original.

Redhead Singer Wins Over Audience With Entrancing Performance Of Queen Classic