Prom Dancers Amaze Everyone With Their Dance Moves

Dance is a universal language, understood by everyone, young and old. Every country has its unique way of dancing, despite creed and color. They have specific personalized steps and more and is enjoyed by whoever may be watching. One such dance is the Palotás, which looks like a waltz.

Palotás is an ancient Hungarian dance that was created in the 13th century and is performed today as well. Students of a school chose this dance for their prom, but when they danced, everyone was amazed to see how synchronized they were. The girls danced in white gowns and the boys in classic black tuxedos.

When they start dancing, they dash on their feet, and then they circle each other. They bounce along with the rhythm of the music as a couple, perfectly synchronized. The couple makes complex steps and change partners as they move. After the dance, each couple leaves the stage with a big smile on their face.