Pre-K dancers steal the show with their Cha-Cha

At just four and five years old, Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini were not what most audience members pictured seeing at the Atlanta Open Dancesport Spectacular. But that did not stop this talented pair.

Despite being surrounded by adults almost twice their size, Yasha and Daniela were not phased. They would need that focus to pull off the technical dance they had chosen for the competition: the Cha Cha.

The Cha-Cha is part of the Latin club family of partner dances, like the Salsa, and has grown in popularity in recent years. That does not mean the dance is facile by any estimations.

For professional dancers, it can take years to master this rhythmic dance. That made what the two young dancers achieved even more impressive to the audience members.

When the music started, the audience quickly realized that this diminutive dancing duo had more than cuteness on their side. Yasha and Daniela were also incredibly talented dancers, moving with the same grace as their adult counterparts.

The two dancers landed every step and hit every move. It was easy to forget that these two children were too young to be in grade school. Despite this, they put many of their adult competitors to shame.

The audience members at the Atlanta Open Dancesport Spectacular rose to their feet to applaud the talented children. They took the adulation in stride. After all, for them, it was all child’s play.

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Pre-K dancers steal the show with their Cha-Cha