Patsy Cline’s Final Performance Before Her Tragic Death Left Me Falling To Pieces

With the amazing talents, we have loved for quite some time, we heard the rise of some of our favorites that still hold such a warm place in our hearts today. From Elvis Presley to the amazing Patsy Cline.

As Patsy’s career continued on the upward incline that someone whose voice is as golden as that only deserves, we heard many of her timeless classics that many have covered, but none were able to capture the same splendor that she held deep within her heart.

As we look back at the classics with such fond remembrance, it’s hard to think that compared to this new generation of music, these classics didn’t stay on the radios.

When you hear, Patsy’s tried and true song, “I Fall To Pieces,” I’m sure you’ll remember where you were when you first got the chance to listen to this angels voice for the very first time.

I remember fondly where I was the first time I got to hear Patty’s signature voice and will remember until the very end how her voice touched parts of my soul.