Luann Hunt Discovers Patsy Cline’s Never Recorded Christmas Song

In 1960 Patsy Cline had decided she wanted to record a Christmas song for all of her fans to enjoy.

Her songwriters, Lawton Jiles, and Buster Beam wrote “Christmas Without You” just for Patsy taking into consideration her one-of-a-kind voice. You could say it was made just for Patsy because it was.

Patsy adored the song, but the record company management threw a monkey-wrench into the production. And so, the Patsy Cline’s Christmas tune faded into obscurity. 

But the songwriters had hoped that someday, an artist would record the original song as it was meant to be sung by the artist it was written for.

Now fifty-eight years later the Christmas song that was put aside is dedicated to the artist who loved it.

In 2011, Luann Hunt discovered both the song and its story. She decided to record the lost Christmas song and dedicate it to Patsy Cline, and what a voice she has.

The harmonies are close and I think this is as good as we can ever hope to get until we get to meet Patsy in Heaven above. Luann delivers a unique rendition of her own, yet still remains true to the spirit of the original artist.

This has a real” Christmasy” sound, that makes me hum happily.  I’m sure Patsy is enjoying this just as much as the rest of us.

If this beautiful number written just for Patsy Cline meant something to you, then please share this exquisite song with a friend.

Luann Hunt Discovers Patsy Cline\'s Never Recorded Christmas Song