Newlyweds surprise their guests with an amazing ‘Footloose’ dance routine

Bride & Groom change attire and put on hilarious ‘Footloose’ routine

Wedding dances are a very stressful occasion for most brides and grooms. The knowledge that your whole world is watching you while you stumble into the dance steps can be paralyzing.

The society dictated elevated elegance of a wedding also dictates the newlyweds’ first dance, which mostly turns out to be a slow sway and wobble on a ballade type pop song.

And if that is not enough. Some try and learn the choreography in a dance style that doesn’t come as naturally. Most of the time, it looks awkward, albeit impressive that the couple took the time to learn it.

It would all become much easier and more fun if the dance consisted of the moves you made at the latest party with your better half, much like Annelise and Trent.

Bride & Groom change attire and put on hilarious ‘Footloose’ routine

Annelise and Trent have a knack for impromptu dance parties at their place. Parties that consist only of two of them and where they allow themselves to move it just the way they want it and nothing else.

They took that concept and applied it to their wedding dance. It was refreshing and bold. Annelise and Trent still did an ‘official’ first dance, but after that, they decided to surprise their guest with a choreography of their own.

As many dance instructors advise, they used the KISS method. They kept it simple and silly by choosing a song, ‘Footloose’, which is a crowd-pleaser as well as a fantastic party starter.

Trent’s charisma shined through the dance steps, and when Annelise joined him, it just showed how much they both trust each other as she jumps towards him, facing away from him, and with complete faith, he will catch her.

Their surprise dance should be the mantra of any newlywed couple searching for a way to shine on their wedding day through the authenticity of who they are as individuals and as a couple.

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