Nathan Evans showcases incredible range with sea shanty

Nathan Evans delivers a stunning rendition of ‘Wellerman’ in this video that showcases his immense talent.

Nathan Evans delivered a stunning performance of the classic sea shanty ‘Wellerman,’ instantly putting himself on the map as a music artist to watch.

You can also feel the ocean spray coming from this rendition, with Evans controlling every aspect of the song – from the powerful vocals to the steady beat.

He is helped by a natural Scottish brogue, giving his version the authenticity that truly sets it apart from other performances in the genre.

Fans of the sea shanty will be thrilled to see it coming back in the modern era, and Nathan Evans seems poised to become the next internet singing sensation.

For fans of the vintage song or anyone wanting to hear a masterful performance from one of today’s leading artists, this song will be incredibly satisfying.

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Nathan Evans showcases incredible range with sea shanty