Naomi Judd’s final performance of “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

The CMT Music Awards is a show that country lovers from across the nation schedule time to watch. It is not only a place to see all of our favorite singers but to acknowledge them for their efforts. Traveling around the world to bring joy to others is an occupation that can take its toll on them. The Judds, Naomi and Wynonna, gave a final combined performance for all their fans with the perfect song, “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

Image Credit: Madly Odd

You have all heard about the tragic loss of Naomi, so we will not cover that again here. Instead, we will discuss why this song was a perfect pick for them to perform together during the 2022 Awards. By their faces and Wynonna’s words, “this is really happening,” you can see that it was hard for mama Judd to be on the stage. Giving an uplifting performance for one final time.

Love is an emotion and a feeling that we all pursue throughout our lives. It can bring people together in a way that would not be possible otherwise. It makes us put the needs of others before those of our own. As the song says, it builds a bridge between people, connecting them by heart and soul.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Nothing is more powerful than a solid bridge built between two people or a group of people when it comes to our families. Even when it does not end with the best outcome, love makes us all human. Sometimes mental and physical problems get in the way, but the bridge will still continue to be there.

It is a feeling of utter peace when things are good, but it is more painful than anything else in the world when they are wrong. Many say that it is a roll of the dice and that it may happen to you at any given moment. When it comes to family, it drives us to do better to create a better life for those we have brought into the world.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Or, in this case, for the person that brought you into the world. Love is an emotional state that can change how we act. How we feel and how we react to specific situations. The loss of a person that we love can bring us down to the point of losing ourselves, but we must continue on and build some more bridges between our hearts and theirs.

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