Mother’s Day song praises every amazing mom

Songwriter Nick Flores pens a perfect Mother’s Day tribute to moms around the world with the beautifully simple ‘You’re My Mom.’

Mother’s Day has a new anthem with ‘You’re My Mom,’ a tender and loving song from songwriter Nick Flores. With sweet lyrics and a soft piano score, it is sure to be a hit.

The song lyrics touch on the different ways that mothers influence their children in positive ways, and the appreciation that sometimes goes unsaid.

Any son or daughter who is searching for the right words to tell their mother how much they mean to them will do well to use the lyrics found here.

Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day or just want to say thank you for the countless ways your mom has improved your life, this is the right way to say it.

Although Nick Flores is not yet a household name, this Mother’s Day tribute could soon generate greater interest in their music.

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Mother’s Day song praises every amazing mom