‘Love Without End, Amen’ is a heartfelt song about your Dad

‘Love Without End, Amen’ is one of George Strait’s best songs. What better way to describe a father’s love than this classic country hit?

Nobody does it better than ‘King George’. George Strait has 60 #1 hits to his credit, the most of any recording artist in history.

One of those songs is ‘Love Without End, Amen’. It’s the one song that will remind you of a father’s love.

Your father may have been the most important person in your life. And George perfectly captures that sentiment in a song.

George sang this song beautifully and gave us a reminder of what we’re thankful for. Having a loving family in our lives is one of them.

As the song goes, ‘Daddies don’t love their children every now and then’. No words could ever be spoken (or sung) with so much truth.

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