Angelic English vocal group, Libera, performs beautiful rendition of “The Angel Gabriel”

Libera "The Angel Gabriel"

The English all-boys choir comes together to sing “The Angel Gabriel in a live performance at St. Johns Smith Square. They stand united on a stage as their voices rise.

The young boys are showered in a blue light making their white gowns stand out from the dark square. One of them steps forward and, in an eerily but angelic manner, sings the opening lines.

The boy sings of the angel Gabriel and how he came down from the heavens with flaming eyes as he calls Mary the most highly and favored lady. At the end of “Gabriel’s Message,” the boy steps back and joins the others.

Libera "The Angel Gabriel"

The three-minute performance by Libera takes the tune of “The angel Gabriel from heaven came.” The beautiful melody is a Basque Christmas carol that was composed in the 13th century.

The Christmas folk carol talks about the Annunciation, a scene in Christianity where the archangel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary about what is to become of her as the future mother of the Son of God.

The leading Libera boy takes charge once again and defiantly looks up at the spotlight and continues to sing. In contrast, the others offer a beautiful harmony and only sing in unison when the light reaches them.

The light play is evident throughout the performance of Libera and their rendition of “the Angel Gabriel.” It brings forth a deeper meaning to the presentation and aids in their emotional singing.

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Angelic English vocal group, Libera, performs beautiful rendition of \