Lady Gaga joins Celine Dion, Bocelli, and John Legend to sing ‘The Prayer’

It’s not as satisfying as hearing any of them live, but they’re our heroes for making the effort to give us some hope and inspiration while we wait.

Adjustments for dealing with the pandemic have affected everyone, but they have been especially harsh to performing artists. Touring and live shows are a big part of their job that is no longer available.

Half of the point of live music is to get out of the house and experience the music with the acoustics of an auditorium. Something just not possible in many places.

Still, many musicians are able to put on performances remotely, thanks to meeting software like Zoom and others. A little determination goes a long way.

Here in this video, some huge names in performing music get together to record a rather timely song, ‘The Prayer.’ It’s recorded for an event called Together at Home.

Several of the faces in the video have been busy with remote concerts during the pandemic, notably Andrea Bocelli who did a ticket-only internet concert.

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