Karmi Went To The Army And Hid This Talent For 15 Years

U.S. Army Captain Karmi Rivera had been concealing a hidden talent for over fifteen years, and there’s nothing that can prepare you for what you’re about to see.

Karmi Rivera is a mother and driven captain in the U.S. Army who has been hiding one of her most exemplary talents for fifteen years. You’ll be frozen in awe from the moment that she starts singing opera.

All those years ago, Karmi stepped away from music to focus on her career in the army. Yet, the loving military mom has never stopped singing and has finally decided to share her gifted talent with the world.

After a trip to Puerto Rico, her fervor for performing was renewed, leading to the captain sharing footage like this of her incredible opera singing talent. Her passion has led her to a musical career development that’ll warm your heart.