Soft-Spoken Irishman Starts Singing And Floors The Judges

Stephen Barry has a voice unlike anything you’ve heard before, and the judges were stunned as soon as he began singing. You’ll understand when you watch. It might seem unlikely to have a soft tone, yet a strong voice, but Stephen Barry illustrates exactly what that’s like, and just how wonderful it is.

With an excellent song choice, he takes the stage with the mic in hand, and the music begins. Though his nerves started to well-up, he summoned the courage to go on because he knew he couldn’t turn back now. Indeed, when you’ve got nothing to lose, give it your all — and Stephen did exactly that by singing with his whole heart and soul.

It was that unique courage that instantly stole the hearts of millions. The judges, skeptical at first were literally moved by the young singer’s profound vocals, clasping hands and swaying to the raw emotional power as the singer delivered his impactful performance. They were utterly spellbound.

It is people like Stephen Barry that we love and relate to the most. He walked on stage an awkward young man with hopes and dreams and walked off that stage, reborn a star — with those dreams more real than ever before.

As you watch Stephen’s inspiring performance, you, too, will be spellbound by this humble young man’s voice. You can see how visibly nervous he is; let’s face it, anyone would be under those circumstances. Just being on stage is an accomplishment in and of itself. Yet as the music builds, so does his courage determination.

At the end of his song, spent, he takes a deep breath, exhales, and smiles — it’s a moment we all share. By that time, he knows he’s done everything in his power to get himself where he is at that moment, and he waits for the final verdict of the judges.

Soft-Spoken Irishman Starts Singing And Floors The Judges