Irish fiddlers set strings ablaze with phenomenal performance

Wowing the packed-out stadium, this pair of Irish fiddlers deliver a stellar performance from Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”.

“Strings of Fire” is one of the popular performances from Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance stage show. And after watching this pair of incredible violinists, you’ll know exactly why.

Performing to a packed stadium of 15,000 people, we see Giada and Aisling take to the stage in dazzling blue dresses, beaming smiles, their fiddles at the ready.

There’s no build-up here as the dynamic duo launch straight into some of the fastest violin playing you’ll ever hear. With foot-stomping rhythms from Ireland, things only get faster from there.

The pair not only play a mean fiddle but they hop, skip, and jump around the entire stage at the same time, synchronizing their dancing, making it look easy.

Despite being from Italy, Giada channels her inner-Irish as she delivers a phenomenal solo that is so fast you can’t even see her fingers moving.

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Irish fiddlers set strings ablaze with phenomenal performance