Incredible Early Adele Video Resurfaces On YouTube Shows She Was Destined For Fame

Recently an old recording of Adele has resurfaced on Youtube, allowing fans to get a rare chance to hear her unvarnished talent as she sings a barebones version of “Chasing pavements.”

Some talents are such that they spring into existence. Adele never sounds as if she has developed as a singer — although we’re sure she has. It’s just that listening to her sing unplugged with just a guitar, you realize she was as good at the beginning as she is today.

The song she sings in this video is “Chasing Pavements,” the second single off of her debut album “19.” She named the record after her age when she released it, a theme she would continue for her next two albums.

“I just used to sing just because I liked it,” Adele explained during an interview about her beginnings as an artist, “I still sing ’cause I like it — but I never thought it would get me anywhere. So when XL offered me a record deal, I thought, ‘Oh, OK, maybe I can get away with it.'”

The song is inspired by a relationship Adele had with a former boyfriend. After learning he had cheated on her, she went to the bar he was at and punched him in the face. When she was thrown out, Adele walked down the street alone and thought to herself, “What is it you’re chasing? You’re chasing an empty pavement.” When she got home, she sang the song on her cellphone and arranged the chords of the song we know and love.