How sweet the sound! Alan Jackson singing ‘Amazing Grace’ in an empty church is Heavenly

There is one hymn that almost everyone around the world knows, that is Amazing Grace. Originally written in 1779, by John Newton. This song touches millions of peoples hearts when they hear it. I bet you know the words to this timeless classic as well.

In this rendition, we hear Alan Jackson bring to life the timeless hymn. With his deep and emotional voice, you can feel every word he sings. Starting soft and slow, that familiar piano tune gets you moving. The melody is relaxing and comforting. It’s almost impossible not to sing along with Jackson.

It’s a relatable hymn to pull you through dark times and reassure you that everything can always change. No matter who sings this song, you will never forget the feeling that it gives you.

Jackson does a fantastic cover to this age-old song. Some of the listeners say, “This song is already beautiful, but when sung by Jackson it’s even more beautiful.” Another said, “Wow, what a beautiful performance of a beautiful song!”

Amazing Grace is often one of the first songs you learn as a child. Hearing different renditions of the song doesn’t take away from the nostalgia of the words.

I think we can all agree that this is one church hymn that will never go out of style. Leave a comment below and tell us what this song means to you!

How sweet the sound! Alan Jackson singing \'Amazing Grace\' in an empty church is Heavenly