HOW Did They Do it?! Clairvoyants’ Uncanny Mental Magic Stuns AGT Judges

Mesmerizing duo The Sentimentalists hit the “America’s Got Talent” stage, wowing the judges with their unusual brand of mind magic. Throughout the video, you’ll see several clips where the two attempt to guess drawings, marbles, and even the choice of foods the judges select.

When clairvoyants Mesmiron and Stephie brought their mind reading act to AGT, they got a no from Howie and had to convince Simon that they had something special. As a result, Mesmiron pulled a second trick out of his metaphorical bag, and the duo correctly predicted that Simon would choose “Lassie” as a famous celebrity.

Mind reading acts go back as long as the entertainment industry. Long ago as people visited the traveling circuses across the country, they were greeted by those who claimed to be able to read secrets from their thoughts. Whether you believed the Sentimentalists or not, it sure was fun watching Howie attack that table of desserts.

HOW Did They Do it?!  Clairvoyants\' Uncanny Mental Magic Stuns AGT Judges