Hidden Camera Footage Resolves Who Has Been Eating The Leftovers

If you’re a pet owner, you know that feeding time is your dog’s favorite time ever. While many pet owners don’t like to give their dogs “human food,” these animals never stop craving the delicious treats.

When the parents of Ellie the Labrador realized that human food kept going missing all the time, they suspected their pooch was the culprit. But they couldn’t be sure. Sometimes Ellie would get inventive and find ways around all of her parents’ tricks. Ellie’s family even compared her to an “FBI agent.”

But it wasn’t until they set up a camera in their kitchen did the couple finally learn just how smart Ellie really was. She even comes back to the kitchen to do a “double-check” for any last tidbits of food.

When Ellie is extremely close to getting caught, her priceless reaction at the 2:06 mark is amazing. Ellie is one clever girl, indeed. Did you see her try and actually grab the saucepan? She has it all worked out.