He Taught The World How To Dance – Now It’s Your Turn

Music is truly an international art form, breaking down cultural, social, and regional barriers between different groups of people each day. But this man’s desire to unite the world through dance is truly the most inspirational thing we’ve seen yet.

All Matt Bray needed when he set out on his national mission was a boombox and his dancing shoes. With every person he met on the road, he added a new clip to this montage, and the results are just amazing.

The routine is choreographed to “Gone” by JR JR, a feel-good jam that makes us want to get up and join in the fun. At the end of his incredible journey, Bray had traveled an incredible 10,000 miles and met over 100 different people.

The only consistent thing between each clip is Bray and his infectious energy. Throughout the video, you’ll see people from all walks of life, including cute couples, newlyweds, and even costumed hooligans that all put aside their differences to participate in his marvelous mission – to unite the world through dance.

He Taught The World How To Dance - Now It’s Your Turn