Gifted Teenager Sounds Just Like Frank Sinatra During “Fly Me to the Moon” Cover

Frank Sinatra had one of the smoothest voices in all of music history. His charming attitude, mixed with his one-of-a-kind talent, made him the legend that he is today. Now, a 17-year-old is giving the Hollywood icon a run for his money.

Chase Eagleson was just 17 years old when he uploaded his rendition of the classic Sinatra song, “Fly Me to the Moon.” As soon as the Ohio-native opens his mouth to sing, you’ll swear you hear Frank Sinatra himself.

Not only is Chase a great singer, but he’s also an audio engineer, a photographer, and a filmmaker. His performance of “Fly Me to the Moon” is out of this world and can instantly take us back in time to when it was played during the historic Apollo launch.

Eagleson’s polished vocals and control are that of a professional singer. You can tell that he’s practiced quite a bit to get where he is today. We hope that Chase releases plenty more Sinatra covers in the future.