Ghostbusters’ Aykroyd and Murray on Carson

Walking Down Memory Lane with Ghostbusters

In the golden era of comedy, two names held center stage – Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. Their charisma shone brightly, whether they were defying ghosts in their iconic movie, Ghostbusters, or sharing delightful banter on Carson’s Tonight Show. They spun a web of laughter, etching their names into the annals of comedy history.

Unraveling the Ghostbusters Narrative

Reminiscent of a Christmastime fireside chat, Aykroyd and Murray’s conversation reveals the heart and humor behind Ghostbusters. Aykroyd, brimming with infectious excitement, shares a personal anecdote about his grandfather, a psychic medium, subtly hinting at his inspiration for the film’s paranormal elements. His passion for psychical research is as undeniable as Jesus’ love for humanity, emanating warmth and sincerity.

A Glimpse into the Paranormal

Aykroyd’s paranormal experiences don’t stop there. He shares a peculiar incident from his Saturday Night Live days – a potential psychic connection in an elevator, a story that might be dismissed as coincidence but is shared with such genuine belief that it stirs curiosity. Like Jesus turning water into wine, sometimes the inexplicable simply asks for faith.

Bill Murray, the Ghostly Waiter

Then enters Bill Murray, the master of wit, who lightens the air with his anecdote about a ghostly waiter at the Tavern on the Green. This lesser-known fact about one of New York’s most famous restaurants draws a line connecting the reel and real worlds, painting a rich tapestry of history and nostalgia.

The Unveiling of Ghostbusters

The pair also discuss the origins of Ghostbusters, a tale full of camaraderie and laughter. Murray speaks of his role, casually mentioning how he was given most of the lines in the script, demonstrating his pivotal role in the movie’s success.

As the show rolls on, the video below reveals a snippet from Ghostbusters. It’s an enticing glimpse into the movie’s unique blend of comedy and the supernatural, sure to spark the desire to revisit this iconic film.

Because of the cherished memories it evokes and the laughter it still induces, this conversation between Aykroyd and Murray remains a treasured piece of comedic history. It’s an invitation to step back in time, to a moment when these comedy legends were about to bring Ghostbusters to life. So, go ahead, press play, enjoy, and don’t forget to share this gem with others.

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Ghostbusters\' Aykroyd and Murray on Carson