For Your Ears Only: ‘James Bond Theme’ performed on an electric organ

This is where technology has brought us. A piece of music that calls for a whole band now requires one guy with a keyboard.

We’ve all fantasized at least once about playing a complicated piece of music by ourselves, making an entire band sound like it came out of one guitar.

Or was that just me? Anyway. Technology has brought us to the point where that kind of showmanship can be realized. Certain synthesizers are up to the job.

In this case, it’s the YAMAHA ELECTONE. Alex Payler single-handedly plays the James Bond Theme, a piece of music that normally requires multiple musicians and instruments.

The sound may not be the same as a full band or orchestra, but it illustrates the places that music technology can take us. Entire scores can be composed and recorded by one person.

Whether that’s good or bad remains a matter of opinion. It opens up new opportunities for obscure musicians but possibly takes opportunities away from established ones in more traditional fields.

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