Flight Delay: Get Ready To Laugh with Dick Van Dyke & Carol Burnett

The Carol Burnett Show is still remembered for its unique storyline. It dealt with day-to-day incidents and turned them into hilarious spoofs that people can still relate to. In addition, the show has a brilliant cast, such as Tim Conway (brother-in-Law), Carol Burnett(sister), Vicki Lawrence (niece), & last but not least, Dick Van Dyke (Uncle Chet).

Recently, one of the clips from the show called “Airport Delay” or “Flight Delay” gained immense popularity, as it is hilarious. It’s a hilarious sketch about a family sending off their relatives at the airport terminal after a busy family visit.

Every week, families would gather around the television set and watch this brilliant comical skit performed by these talented artists. The clip begins with a voice announcement. The background gives you a glimpse of the airport terminal waiting area. However, the real fun starts when the family tells their goodbyes.

Uncle Chet tells the family members that he had a wonderful visit and hugs his sister and other family members. Even the sister hugs him and tells him she’s happy to have done the cooking and the laundry for him. Unfortunately, what sounds like a Final Call for the passengers to board the airplane turns out to be an announcement that there is a mechanical difficulty in the plane.

This gives the family more time to spend together, but now the family struggles to talk. Uncle Chet’s niece is now distracted as she needs to call her boyfriend. Chet’s brother-in-law tells him he does not want to play the board game. On the other hand, Chet tells him that the word “ment” is just a suffix and not an actual word.

There is another announcement for Uncle Chet’s flight. However, it is an announcement to stand by. Uncle Chet asks everyone to leave, but they don’t. Finally, however, his relative’s patience begins to dwindle. His brother-in-law remembers that he has to mow the lawn and fix the sprinkler. His niece wants to call Mark (boyfriend) desperately.

Soon they start to insult one another. Finally, Uncle Chet is named a “Clown.” Now, the sister is unhappy about having done the laundry and the cooking. Chet calls his sister “sadistic” and brother-in-law a “cheat.” However, the final announcement that the plane is ready melts all the frustration.

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Flight Delay: Get Ready To Laugh with Dick Van Dyke & Carol Burnett