Father and daughter perform heartwarming ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘My Girl’ duet

Father and daughter singing 'Stand by Me' and 'My Girl'

A daddy-daughter duo from Utah is making it big on the internet with a mashup of two hit songs from the ‘60s, Stand By Me and My Girl.

The performance is part of their latest album Stand By Me, which can be streamed on platforms like Spotify or bought from their website as a physical CD.

Arranged by Stephen Nelson, the mashup is a very interesting back and forth between Mat and Savanna, with Mat taking the lead on My Girl and Savanna singing a little more of Stand By Me.

Father and daughter singing 'Stand by Me' and 'My Girl'

The duo rose to fame during the COVID-19 quarantine when Savanna felt that she should start a social media account for her music. However, since she has always been a very shy girl, she got her dad to join in for their first song, “The Prayer.”

Right from here, their videos have gone viral, inspiring hope and spreading joy with their upbeat harmonies and uplifting song choices.

Ever since then, they have been riding the wave, releasing singles and albums, some of which have hit the charts in the US and UK.

They have also grown a large online following with over half a million Youtube subscribers and 125K Instagram followers. They have been using their talent and reach to help charities and good causes.

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Father and daughter perform heartwarming \'Stand by Me\' and \'My Girl\' duet