Evynne Hollens ‘Shakes’ Out The Perfect Mash-Up

Evynne Hollens has created an unforgettable mashup between Florence and the Machine’s ‘Shake It Out’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off.’ She’s taken two songs distinct from each other and woven them into one great work that’ll blow you away.

Between the power and presentation, nothing of this song is lacking. Even the video production rewards one with a visual journey that suits the unique pace of this upbeat arrangement. Evynne has taken two unlikely tracks and created a mashup that’ll please fans of either artist, as well as her own.

With amazing drumming from Merlin Showalter, Evynne Hollens has combined two hits ‘Shake It Out’ and ‘Shake it Off’ into a mashup that she jokingly calls “Shakeitowf.’ You may not think it could work, but let this talented vocal star prove you wrong with this well-produced music video showcasing her talent &creativity.

Evynne Hollens \'Shakes\' Out The Perfect Mash-Up