Dolly Parton and Carol Burnet show why music and comedy work together

Dolly Parton teamed up on a sketch, “No One Picks Like a Nashville Picker Picks,” with Carol Burnett in a funny clip.

For those who don’t know what a picker is, it’s someone who plays a plucked instrument, a guitar, banjo, or mandolin, and it was a common skill in the 1970s.

This performance aired on CBS. It was filmed on the Grand Ol’ Opry stage. The video has been shared thousands of times and has gone viral, with 1,392,793 views!

The unlikely and funny pair not only have a lot of fun playing together, but they also have a few surprises for the crowd, including a young boy named Louis.

In reality, Carol Burnett, on the other hand, felt Carol Burnett was being kind to this little boy who just wanted to try choosing.

We won’t give away the rest of the film, but the end of the show transforms into something that could only happen at the Grand Ole Opry.

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