Couple’s Heart-Throbbing Dance Routine Gets 9 Million Views

Dance is a beautiful art form, where your body is the canvas, and the music is the paint and paintbrush. Sometimes, when you see a performance, it can be a mesmerizing experience. Other times, you are so amazed that you have to pick your jaw up off the floor. Then there are those rare times where it is all of that and more! This Ukrainian duo, Valeriy and Yulia, can leave audiences at the edge of their seats.

It is nearly impossible to look away as the music starts, and they dance. Valeriy and Yulia’s routine is set to Nneka’s tune “Heartbeat.” These two bring some steamy passion to the dance floor. It is as if they’re genuine lovers, and as the dance progresses, you can see that trust is the cornerstone of their relationship.

They have a unique set of talents, besides being graceful dancers. They are trained acrobatic performers. He makes it look as if tossing her around and holding her in the air is effortless. In reality, hand acrobatics require an unbelievable amount of strength.

In the video, Valeriy lifts Yulia, and she assumes an upside-down position. The only thing connecting them is their hands! It is a thrilling display, and you will hold your breath until she is safely on the floor. This show was a splendid display of trust, dance, and acrobatics. I have seen nothing like it and couldn’t have fathomed something like it existed!

Couple\'s Heart-Throbbing Dance Routine Gets 9 Million Views