Country couple amazes with sizzling dance routine

Travis Tritt’s version ‘Honky Tonk Women’ never felt sexier when these two dancers take the floor. Their routine is jaw-dropping.

California-born professional dancers Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle are life-long dance partners who are going to perform the sexiest dance routine you can imagine.

With the opening of the incredibly soulful Travis Tritt’s version of the Rolling Stones’ song ‘Honkey Tonk Women’ their bodies start swaying in perfect cohesion.

With smooth sexy moves, they confidently sway across the dance floor and command audience attention with their acrobatic additions you wouldn’t expect.

Internet audience mainly thinks it was down to the effortless moves done by Katie Boyle in figure-hugging blue jeans. Knowing jeans can be very movement restrictive, the moves made look just so much more impressive.

And despite the flawlessly elegant split that Jason Colacino makes towards the end, I believe, it was all down to that sexy cowbell in the ‘Honkey Tonk Women’.

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Country couple amazes with sizzling dance routine