Cotton Pickin Kids play the national anthem bluegrass style in stirring performance

Cotton Pickin Kids cover the national anthem

When it comes to playing the national anthem, every singer and band has taken a turn at producing a fitting tribute to America. The bluegrass band Cotton Pickin Kids joins the list with their latest rendition.

With a combination of acapella singing and upbeat bluegrass musical stylings, the family band provides a wonderful performance as well as a possible sign of good things to come for the young musicians.

The Cotton Pickin Kids are made up of six siblings, all aged between 9 and 17 years old. There are three girls and three boys in the band, providing a nice balance of sounds.

Cotton Pickin Kids cover the national anthem

During this remarkable performance, the young musicians chose to begin with vocals only, delivering a simple yet effective rendition that beautifully paid tribute to America on the occasion of Independence Day.

One of the best features of this band is that every musician has the chance to stand out with opportunities for solos, while every band member takes a turn playing backup or rhythm sections.

Another quality of the musicians that has garnered the attention of their growing fanbase is the fact that when one of the siblings is watching their brother or sister play a solo, they are always smiling.

Overall, the Cotton Pickin Kids delivered a rousing performance that will be sure to gain them more fans in the coming months and years. If nothing else, they join the illustrious list of musicians who have paid tribute to our wonderful country.

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