Church Choir Boy Uses Helium Balloon to Reach High Notes

The members of church choirs and bands can deliver some of the most angelic music that you’ll ever hear. Music is a gateway into the soul whether they’re covering a classic hymn or putting a modern twist on a popular worship song.

Being a choirboy often requires incredible talent and a wide vocal range to hit all of the notes successfully. Melodies can be complicated, and with the historical meaning behind old songs, it’s crucial to sing them just right.

The King’s College Choir in Cambridge, England, is known for delivering beautiful music. Their choir dressed in stunning robes were performing Allegri’s, “Miserere mei, Deus,” when one of the choir boys surprised the congregation.

He pulls out a giant yellow balloon filled with helium from behind his back. He inhales some of the helium from the balloon to hit a super high note that wouldn’t have been possible naturally. While it’s comically to see him do this, the audible results are beyond impressive.