‘Carolina In My Mind’ sung by uber-talented and handsome Raleigh Keegan

‘Carolina In My Mind’by Raleigh Keegan

Raleigh Keegan covers ‘Carolina In My Mind’ by James Taylor with the top of the piano removed. With the inner workings of the piano revealed, you can see how each press of a key creates the notes of the song.

As he starts performing the song, he shows no hesitation in his body or his voice. He wears a tight black shirt, and a spotlight shines down on him from behind.

Across Raleigh, a guitarist plays along with him. The guitarist sings the backup vocals while plucking and strumming on the strings. Their sounds mix to create an incredible rendition of the song.

‘Carolina In My Mind’by Raleigh Keegan

It is also an exceptional sight to see the piano strings and how the keys are lined up to the mechanisms that all work together to create wonderful music.

A perfect piano is not enough. It needs a talented pianist to make incredible sounds. Raleigh sings and plays the piano masterfully. His voice is as smooth as butter.

He plays with passion as if he was in front of a crowd of people. With the lights and the setup, he could easily be playing in a stadium full of people cheering for him.

His version of ‘Carolina In My Mind’ is memorable and mesmerizing. Raleigh reels you in with his voice, and he keeps you captivated throughout his entire performance.

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