Blind auditions that turned into a concert on ‘The Voice’

The Voice judges were prepared for a certain talent level during blind auditions, but they had no idea the performances would be this good.

When singers take the stage on The Voice for blind auditions, judges and audiences alike have learned to expect the unexpected. Even so, these performances blew them away.

With scorching vocals, incredible musical accompaniment, and infectious energy, these Voice contestants bring the audience to their feet every time.

Perhaps more important, they gain the respect of the judges, who often make their decision about the performance within seconds.

The auditions shown on this impressive compilation come from Voice auditions from around the world – but regardless of country or song choice, they are universally amazing.

For viewers looking for an exceptional musical experience – or just a free concert featuring some of the world’s top talent – these auditions will hit the sweet spot.

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Blind auditions that turned into a concert on \'The Voice\'