Blake Shelton sings an electrifying performance of “Jesus Got a Tight Grip”

Blake Shelton "Jesus Got a Tight Grip"

Blake Shelton is reaching into his faith with this Christian-inspired country song, “Jesus Got a Tight Grip.” The performance features him along with his band jamming on stage together.

The faith-based track has the undying message that even when the going gets tough and people may want to pull you down, “Jesus Got a Tight Grip” on you and will draw you to where you need to go.

The American country music singer, Blake Shelton, is nowadays recognized as the loud and the most successful coach of NBC’s The Voice. His long-standing career in country music has helped shape others in the music industry.

Blake Shelton "Jesus Got a Tight Grip"

The single is part of his album “Fully Loaded: God’s Country” and talks about Blake’s religious relationship. The overall theme of the song is to remind people that Jesus is still front and center.

The electrifying performance comes live from the Soundstage Sessions. While preaching continuously about the Lord, the soulful lyrics come accompanied by that country-rock tune that Blake Shelton is known for.

“Jesus Got a Tight Grip” will undoubtedly have you singing and dancing. The Christian-filled song is no change of pace for Shelton as he has previously sung gospel tunes such as “Savior’s Shadow.”

As the song’s ending draws near, you can hear the unified voices of the band, along with rhythmic clapping. Blake Shelton’s voice and lyrics shine on and uplift the soul.

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Blake Shelton sings an electrifying performance of \