Betty White shares her funniest “St. Olaf” stories

St Olaf stories were some of the best performances on The Golden Girls. These 8 scenes are some of the most hilarious of Betty White’s performances.

The Golden Girls is the type of show that doesn’t come around too often. This well-loved 80s classic still makes us laugh and cry in equal measure, and one of the reasons for that is the girls’ unique personalities.

While they play off of each other perfectly, they are each uniquely themselves. Dorothy has her cutting comebacks, Sophia has her insults, and Blanche has her southern charm. Rose, on the other hand, has her St Olaf stories.

These stories of her time growing up in Minnesota are some of the most hilarious moments on the show, even to the rest of the cast! This compilation starts out with one of our personal favorites, “The Great Herring War”. As Rose describes a herring circus, her roommates can’t stop laughing.

Another great story is the tale of churn sabotage that led to Rose being denied the title of ‘Butter Queen’ in St Olaf. These stories fleshed out her character and always included a nugget of wisdom at the end.

Not to mention how hilarious they were! The 8 stories featured in this compilation are just the beginning. Rose has so many great St Olaf stories scattered through the 7 seasons of The Golden Girls’ run.

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Betty White shares her funniest \