Barbershop Brings Knee-Slapping Fun to ‘Good Old Days’ Music Everyone Will Love

This one is fun, folks! Harmonious barbershop hilarity ensues when a quartet who has committed itself to the good old days realizes that, one day, the pop songs of today will be considered “good old songs”.

There’s a quartet known succinctly as “Main Street” and they are burning up YouTube with their Southern-pop melody, “These Will Be The Good Old Days Twenty Years From Now”.

But, as you listen, the four men begin to belt out folksy versions of contemporary songs like Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did it Again” and ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye,” including dramatic facial expressions, choreography, and lighthearted invocations of current — or mostly current — slang.

With millions of views and thousands of comments, not to mention exposure from hundreds of media outlets like social media, blogs, and television, this amazing quartet is fast becoming an international phenomenon.

“When you read the countless posts, tweets, and articles written about the video, there has been nothing but positive reactions about barbershop music, and what a great thing that is! When you realize the majority of these comments are from non-Barbershoppers, it feels good to know we are being viewed favorably in the public eye,” reports Barbershop Harmony Society,

This style of artistic singing exhibits a high degree of vocal skill, a precise intonation and the full expansion of the sound. In other words, in sound nice, but takes a high level of talent and good vocal range. The four singers have to sing at just the right pitch for the harmonies to sound great while blending in with each other.

Barbershop Brings Knee-Slapping Fun to \'Good Old Days\' Music Everyone Will Love