Amira Willighagen dazzles with live performance of ‘The Sound of Music’

Amira Willighagen is quickly rising in popularity both in her home country of the Netherlands and around the world. Recent performance is certain to cement her place on the list of young singing stars.

Performing at the Sun Arena in Pretoria, she delivered a dynamic version of ‘The Sound of Music,’ dazzling the audience with a voice that continues to get better with each song she sings.

It is no secret that ‘The Sound of Music’ is a difficult song to sing. This is because it is technically challenging, with several octave shifts throughout. It is also because the song is so iconic.

Nearly everyone has heard at least one version of the song, which means that everyone comes to performance with expectations firmly in place regarding what they think they will hear.

Willighagen met and exceeded those expectations. Although she has only a few years of performing experience, she showcases her incredible vocal range and maturity in her version of the classic song.

Credit also must go to her backup singers as well as the professional orchestra that provided the rich accompaniment to her performance. Working together, they presented a version that will be remembered for years to come.

It is clear that Amira Willighagen has a bright future ahead of her. Whether people have been following her for years or discovering her for the first time, her performance of ‘The Sound of Music’ is a great example of her abilities.

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Amira Willighagen dazzles with live performance of ‘The Sound of Music’