After The Curtain Is Raised, 4 Toddlers Take The Stage And The Crowd Loses It

Talent shows are an opportunity for performers from all walks of life to strut their stuff on stage for their peers. And it seems like this Academy appreciates talent at any age, diapers and all.

As their classmates sit cross-legged in the school gymnasium, these four 5th graders are gearing up to put on the show of a lifetime. And, once the curtains are pulled back, their peers can hardly contain their excitement.

Featured at the New Braunfels Christian Academy’s 2017 talent show, these boys have taken the internet by storm with their ingenious talent – lip-syncing along to Taylor Swift and other popular artists while decked out in bibs and pacifiers. And it’s obvious that these students have hit upon talent show gold as their peers laugh along uncontrollably.

Who knew toddlers and Taylor Swift was such a dynamic combo. After a performance like that, we think these boys have a bright future in the entertainment business. Now all they need to do is get the attention of Swift’s manager…