A High School Choir Takes The Stage, But Their Resulting “Horseplay” Will Have You In Stitches

This is a tune we’ve all heard featured in our favorite movies, most likely during the quintessential chase scene. But we never could have imagined it being performed by a group of cantering…choir singers?

The Timpanogos High School Choir knew they had to pull out something remarkable to stand out at their concert. And, after racking their brains, they came up with the perfect idea – create a vocal arrangement of “The William Tell Overture.”

To pull off this instrumental number, the group of singers had to get creative. So, instead of using lyrics or accompaniment, they decided to sing it all on “bum” and completely a cappella. But those weren’t the only tricks up their sleeves.

As these vocalists take their places on stage, we can hardly believe the ensuing antics. In a number filled with spot-on comedic timing and animal impressions, we’re left laughing out of our seats.