9-Year-Old Dancer On ‘Little Big Shots’ Has Unbelievable Comeback After Losing A Leg

Even after facing a tremendous loss, this young athlete isn’t letting anything get in the way of her love for dance. She just can’t wait to share her passion with the world.

In this heartwarming episode of Little Big Shots, an NBC series co-founded by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres, dance enthusiast Tessa Puma shares her incredible story with our favorite comedic actress Melissa McCarthy.

The award-winning dance prodigy was only six-years-old when she suddenly fell ill with a mysterious disease. What her parents first believed to be the flu turned out to be a near-fatal infection that would lead to the amputation of Tessa’s left leg.

Losing a limb couldn’t stop Tessa from following her dreams. While she teaches McCarthy some of her moves in this touching LIttle Big Shots clip, we can hardly believe her incredible resilience.

9-Year-Old Dancer On \'Little Big Shots\' Has Unbelievable Comeback After Losing A Leg