43-Year-Old Stuns Audience And Judges With Rendition Of ’78 Classic

Have you ever heard of “Jahvel Johnson”? No? What about “Pablo Lopez”? I don’t mean Pablo Sanchez Lopez, The Racing Driver, or Pablo Cendros Lopez, the Spanish Footballer, or even Pablo Lopez, the baseball player; I’m talking about THE “Pablo Lopez” the Mexican singer who has taken the online world by storm.

Every artist has to start somewhere; every artist has to start sometime. In this world of internet and electronic communications, social media, and online channels, you can be a talent waiting to be discovered at any point in your life.

Back in 2014, an unknown, so-called “elderly gentleman,” auditioned for the hugely popular “Mexico’s got Talent.” Like any other version of this highly successful franchise, the producers and judges were not used to the older generation showing their talents on what is primarily a platform for the young up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.

When Pablo walked on stage, walking cane in hand, the judges had no idea what to expect. Then as casual as his entrance, the music began, and Pablo started to belt out a rendition of “Old Time Rock and Roll” that even “Bob Seger” would have been proud of.

Now, you have to remember that English is not this man’s native tongue, but that didn’t stop the power and energy that came from his heart as he gives his all. The judges and the audience were totally unprepared for such an onslaught and could not help but get out of their chairs and dance along with the music as Pablo gave the performance of his life. Even though it was a rock and roll song, by the end of his audition, one of the judges was in tears.

You are never too old to live a dream, you are never too young to have ambition, and you should never be too tired to care. Watch the clip below and feel the unashamed fearlessness of one man’s determination.

43-Year-Old Stuns Audience And Judges With Rendition Of \'78 Classic