2nd grader channels the spirit of Johnny Cash in a precocious performance of a country classic

What an astonishing performance for someone so young. This kid blew me away with his incredible musical abilities. The spirit of Johnny Cash lives on in this adorable 7-year-old.

Little “John Cash” is a 7-year-old with extraordinary musical abilities. He flawlessly performs the beloved country classic ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ before an adoring crowd, impressing everyone with his abundant talents.

With its world-weary lyrics, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ might seem an odd choice for a little kid. However, this pint-sized prodigy pulls it off and then some.

I’ve never seen such technically perfect guitar-playing from someone so young. He handles the instrument that’s almost as big as he is with a mastery that belies his age.

I hope the spirit of Johnny Cash is watching approvingly from the sidelines because this is one heck of a performance.

I wish I was one-tenth as accomplished as he is at that tender age. This kid is definitely going places. I would love to catch up with him in ten years to see where his talent has led him.

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