21 Years Ago, Michael Flatley’s Last ‘Riverdance’ Performance Left Millions of Us Crying

His feet were at one time insured for 57 million dollars…

Michael Flatley is an Irish-American musician, dancer, and choreographer. Flatley’s shows have been viewed by more than 60 million people in over 60 countries and have made more than $1 billion. He became globally recognized for his Irish dance shows such as Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Celtic Tiger Live.

Flatley is recognized with reinventing classical Irish dance by combining modern rhythms, syncopation, and upper body motions, which were before absent from this dance style. Flatley is listed in the Guinness World Records for tap dancing 35 times per second. Interesting note: His feet were at one time insured for $57.6 million.

‘Riverdance’ has been famous all over the world since 1994.  It expanded to regular stage performances at the Point Theater in Dublin, which saw the very first incredible performance, was taken by storm – immediately followed by the rest of the world – by the show’s traditional Irish music and mesmerizing dance choreography.

It has been to over 450 venues all over the world and has been viewed by millions of people everywhere. It quickly and convincingly became one of the most celebrated dance productions the stage has ever seen, and the credit for that has to go straight to the multi-talented and award-winning Michael Flatley, both for his lead dancing and for his groundbreaking choreography.

‘Riverdance’ became incredibly successful, one of those few must-see shows, but because of financial problems and those frustrating ‘creative differences,’ the show’s producers and Michael Flatley went their separate ways in 1995, just one year after the dream had begun.

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The inspiring and rather an addictive video below allows us all to watch time after time that emotional “Final Performance” of ‘Riverdance’; immediately after which, Flatley was replaced by nine-time World Irish Dancing Champion Colin Dunne.

This is one of the most breath-taking performances of all time! After all, it was Flatley’s choreography and unrestrainable charisma that set light to stage floors every night for a whole spectacular year. No one’s going to replace that! Well, we don’t think so anyway.

21 Years Ago, Michael Flatley’s Last ‘Riverdance’ Performance Left Millions of Us Crying