2 strangers jam on R&B classics in Walmart

There is something magical about the retail store aisles especially if you are about to go into an R&B duet with a perfect stranger.

Unsuspecting Cassandra Turner Nelson was walking down a food aisle in Walmart Supercenter in Alpharetta, Georgia, US. She was humming to herself and didn’t even notice it.

Along came Donnell Cross who heard her humming and being in his joking mood stroke up a conversation with her. A conversation that will start a spontaneous event.

“Do you know ‘If This World Were Mine’?” asked Donnell and when getting an affirmative started to sing the lyrics to it.

Cassandra didn’t shy away and joined him to form the harmony. After that Donnell gave her the chance to continue and encouraged her to open her beautiful voice.

Soon they were intertwined in a gorgeous and soulful duet. The shoppers of Walmart stopped and listened to the one-of-a-kind musical jam of the two perfect strangers.

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