Liberace’s Dazzling-Fast Performance From 1969 Is Still Astonishing! Keep An Eye On His Fingers — If You Can

He came from humble beginnings, playing in clubs and performing in movies until he hosted his hit television show. The vibrant entertainer became known for his dazzling fast fingers, which you can experience on his video clip.

Liberace explains that this style of music is played at 8 counts to the bar and it’s fast, merry pace soon has the audience jiving and tapping in their seats. His fingers fairly fly across the ivories as he belts out the bouncy melody.

Then, showing what an absolute master pianist he was, he explained that the count could be doubled to 16 to the bar. And before you know it, his fingers become merely blurs as they expertly play the fastest beat you have ever heard. Liberace certainly delivered, with his signature big smile, and the audience loved it.