14-year-old Dutch boy sings ‘All Of Me’ on ‘The Voice’

14-year-old Dutch boy sings ‘All Of Me’

All the judges of ‘The Voice’ kids were completely enchanted by a young boy’s blind audition. Only a few seconds into the boy’s performance did the first judge turn his chair.

The auditionee in question was a 14-year-old Dutch boy who wasn’t only singing but playing piano as well. This shows the confidence he has in himself to sing and play at the same time.

For his audition, he chose John Legend’s ‘All Of Me,’ which is an emotionally rich song. The boy certainly does it justice, using his heavenly voice to make it his own as well.

14-year-old Dutch boy sings ‘All Of Me’

From backstage his family cheers him on, waiting anxiously for the other judges to turn their chairs so they can thoroughly enjoy the boy’s performance.

The other judges are in agreement that the boy’s singing is beautiful, but it takes some time before they truly warm up to him. A minute in they finally decide to turn their chairs.

His family couldn’t be happier that all the chairs are facing him. With big smiles on their faces, they try their best to hold back tears of joy. They are all very proud of him.

When the judges see the boy and his wondrous green eyes all of them are convinced they made the right choice. At this point, everyone including the audience is utterly bewitched by his performance.

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