10-year-old wows the crowd with ‘Hallelujah’ skating performance

Veronika’s performance is absolutely magnificent. You’ll get emotional watching some artistry from one so young.

Veronika Zilina is a 10-year-old ice skater from Moscow who’s enthralling audiences with her poise, innocence, and grace. The performance that grabbed worldwide attention was the ice dancing she did while the song ‘Hallelujah’ sung by Alexandra Burke played in the background.

In figure skating, songs are chosen to establish the rhythm and the tempo. The choreographer’s choice of this anthem composed by the legendary Leonard Cohen was a perfect complement to the angelic grandeur of the performance.

The song, one of the most revered of all time, is about transforming suffering into a celebration. Veronika might be too young to have experienced much pain. However, with her exquisite movements that perfectly synchronized with the emotionally gripping music, she seemed to have channeled transcendent energies in an electrifying display of artistry.

People had goosebumps watching Veronika move with elegant athleticism. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as her flawless execution mesmerized the crowd. She ended up easily winning the competition and the hearts of millions of people around the planet.

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10-year-old wows the crowd with \'Hallelujah\' skating performance