She Puts An Extra Eye On Her Head, And When She Turns To The Camera It’s Totally Trippy

Fall is upon us, and while you may not like raking leaves, you’re probably looking forward to a fun Halloween. But what to do for a costume? A lot of people are unoriginal, dressing up as an old standby like a ghost or a witch or otherwise just copying the latest fad. Store-bought costumes tend to be pretty unoriginal, too, and good ones aren’t cheap.

If you’re looking to do something unique and original for Halloween, YouTube celebrity and makeup expert Promise Tamang has come up with something that could give you ideas. Inspired by the work of the artist Amazing Zero, she’s created an eye-popping optical illusion using nothing more than ordinary makeup. By duplicating some of her facial features, she’ll make you think you’ve suddenly got double, triple, or quadruple vision.

As she describes it herself, “Make sure to have your Aspirin ready ’cause this is going to give you a major headache. I love doing these confusing looks because they are fairly simple to do, but the results are mind-blowing. It didn’t take me a whole lot of time to do them either. The only challenge is the eyes trying to make them as identical to your eyes as possible. The nose and lips are just some shading and highlighting.”

Check out her video to see how she did it. It’s really amazing to see it come together, step by step. You’ll also see the wild and crazy, mind-blowing, trippy effect in action. It isn’t really all that hard to do yourself. You may not be able to create the illusion as quickly as Promise Tamang, but once you’ve got it down, people will think you had a session with a professional makeup artist.

She Puts An Extra Eye On Her Head, And When She Turns To The Camera It\'s Totally Trippy