Make Your Own Face Mask With This Sewing Pattern & Easy To Follow Video

Here’s an easy to sew face mask that’s easy enough for anyone to make at home. It comes complete with a filter pocket, and adjustable wire for easy sizing. All that it takes to make this attractive mask is a sewing machine or a needle & thread, some fabric, wire, and the pattern provided here. With this simple sewing tutorial, you’ll have a mouth and nose mask in no time.

Go for the highest quality cotton cloth that you can get hold of. Normal surgical masks filter out around 65% of all particles, while the coronavirus combatting N95 masks filter out 95% High-quality woven cloth fabric with a thread count of at least 180 or tighter makes the best protection according to NBC News, filtering out a maximum of 79% of all particles.

Making a DIY face mask couldn’t be simpler than this straightforward pattern. A sewing machine sure makes things easier, but it is entirely optional. The pattern is easy enough to sew by hand with minimal effort, and in just a few minutes. Find the right fabric, and get ready for a practical pandemic-fighting craft.