DIY Terrarium Computer Desk? You’ll Be Amazed And Inspired

Desks can be bland, but there’s no need for this vital work area to remain plain and uninteresting. Serpa Design gives us a terrarium build for a computer desk that you can make from scrap materials.

Anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk starts to realize that space itself is extremely important. This is a realization fully grasped by SerpaDesign, who has this time presented a DIY terrarium computer desk with a live edge made entirely from reclaimed materials.

The desk shown here is utterly beautiful and very versatile. Not only will it be a centerpiece in your office, but you could easily customize the basic design.

What a brilliant way to combine passions. This desk presents the perfect distraction for someone who needs an active reminder to separate themselves from work, taking a break to return to peak productivity.

DIY Terrarium Computer Desk? You\'ll Be Amazed And Inspired